Collaborate and Debug your Mobile Applications.

Track the flow of your mobile application in Real Time. ML based analytics and review mechanisms from your mobile application.

Trackflow - Debugger

Realtime logs

View requests and responses in realtime with it's associated data.

Better Collaboration

Trackflow enhances productivity by not having to share network logs and errors manually

Multiple Organisations

Using single account users can manage multiple organisations
Trackflow - Capture screenshot from remote device

Capture Screenshot from Remote Device enables you for capturing screenshots on remote devices. Which allows you to check what is going on the device of a remote user from the Web App. Then you can save the screenshot as an image file.

This feature works silently and does not require any configuration changes on the remote device. And does not interrupt the ongoing operations in any manner.

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Fetch Device Location & Device Status & Permissions traces location, battery status, device details & permission details from the remote device.

With this feature you can easily trace whether the issue is related to any of the above mentioned checks.

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Users can chat to discuss the anomalies within the test session itself

Trackflow is equipped with efficient, organised team chat which helps you and your team work better together. Chat feature enables the developers & testers to share the issues with a reference link in realtime with the entire team or individually.

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